Dog Grooming

An Essential part of Dog Ownership and Canine Health

Dog grooming is very important FOR your dog’s health and quality of life and an essential part of dog ownership. The Dog Spot groomers take grooming seriously and recommend a customized plan depending on the breed, age, fur type, and special needs of your dog. Our groomers help your dog(s) look and feel their very best.

Our grooming services include bathing, brush outs, de-matting, clipping, nail grinding, anal gland treatment, teeth brushing, flea baths, ear cleaning, and more.

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If your dog has a skin, ear or nail issue, please alert our groomers so we may follow your veterinarian’s prescribed instructions regarding grooming your dog.

* The grooming rates listed below are for West Nashville. Please see our Mt. Juliet prices for grooming rates at that location.

Grooming Rates

(Includes bath, the cut, nail grinding, and ear cleaning)

Clip All Over 1-10lbs


Clip All Over 11-29lbs


Clip All Over 30-44lbs


Clip All Over 45-59lbs


Clip All Over 60-89lbs


Clip All Over 90-119lbs


Clip All Over 120+


Face-Feet Sanitary 1-10lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 11-29lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 30-44lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 45-59lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 60-89lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 90-119lbs


Face-Feet Sanitary 120+


Bath Rates

Bath 1-10lbs


Bath 11-29lbs


Bath 30-44lbs


Bath 45-59lbs


Bath 60-89lbs


Bath 90-119lbs


Bath 120+ lbs


Other Grooming Services

Nail Grinding




Extra Brush Out




Flea Treatment

$20.00 + cost of bath

Teeth Brushing


Anal Glands


2 convenient locations in the greater Nashville area


Mt. Juliet

Mt. Juliet

485 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
Mt. Juliet TN 37122
(615) 754-7529
Contact & Map

West Nashville

West Nashville

5001 Alabama Ave.
Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 334-0000
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