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So much more than a sitting service or kennel

Much like you, your furry friend is an energetic, social animal requiring both mental and physical stimulation. That, and dogs like running around and playing all day. Just because you’re stuck in a cube from 9-5 doesn’t mean your BFF should be stuck in a crate or an empty house. Throw your dog a bone and bring him or her to The Dog Spot for some cage free fun that’s truly off the leash.

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Doggie Daycare Play Areas and Supervision

Although we separate dogs by temperament and personality, each play area has its own supervisor trained in canine behavior to help insure there are no turf wars. Daycare dogs are carefully monitored at all times in order to maximize fun and minimize conflict. Our associates are trained in canine body language and are there to act as pack leaders to maintain a safe and positive experience.

Finding a great daycare for your dog improves both their health and emotional well-being. We know you have a choice when seeking care for your dog during the day. There are pet sitting services, kennels, and boarding facilities in the Nashville area. We want your daycare experience at The Dog Spot to be unsurpassed. We provide play, socialization, exercise, constant supervision, and even webcams, so you may check in on your dogs from your phone or computer.

Climate Controlled Daycare and Outdoor Spaces

We offer indoor climate controlled play areas as well as an outdoor fun space.
Our indoor play areas offer a dog-friendly place to play without the dangers of rain, snow, extreme temperatures, or escape. All areas are heated and air conditioned, and fresh water is always available. Our indoor play areas offer the opportunity for friendly dogs to socialize and exercise all throughout the day. Exercise and play help dogs burn-off excess energy, allowing dogs to be calmer, better behaved and ready to snooze through the night.

Small Dogs and Seniors

Dogs must be over 15 lbs to be able to play at The Dog Spot. While we do accept senior dogs for boarding, they may have frequent nap breaks depending on their ability in the yard. We are not able to accept dogs requiring 24-hour assistance and recommend they board at a vet clinic.

Vaccine Requirements

We require all guests to be up to date on their Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines. While the Rabies and Distemper vaccines are yearly, we require the Bordetella vaccine every six months. Vaccines must also be up to date before a temperament test can be done.

Tour Times

Walk in tours and temperament tests can be done between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on any day except for Friday unless an appointment for another time has been made. We are unable to do tours or temperament tests during holidays.


Holiday rates for daycare vary and boarding is $70 per dog for the following holidays:

New Years Eve
New Years Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Black Friday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Daycare Prices/Rates

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